Top 10 Exciting Activities to do in Munnar and Alleppey

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  • 21-06-2020
  • Top 10 Exciting Activities to do in Munnar and Alleppey

    Gorgeously set amidst God's own country, Munnar and Alleppey is a paradise for every nature enthusiast. These locations are adorned with breathtaking scenery, fascinating backwaters and lagoons, palm-lined natural waterways, lush green hills, and many romantic spots. Whether you're a backpacker or an adventure lover, a honeymooner or a foodie, Munnar, and Alleppey have got you covered. There is something at this entrancing destination for every kind of tourist.So if you're planning on visiting Munnar and Alleppey, there's a lot to do here to keep you occupied and entertained. Every activity here will show you a unique shade of these places and make it a pleasant experience. So we've made a list of popular activities to do in Munnar and Alleppey for you.

    Camping and Trekking

    Munnar is a perfect place for fitness freaks and adventure enthusiasts. Trekking and camping are by far the most amazing activities to do in Munnar. The popular trekking spots in Munnar include the Top station, which is the highest point in Munnar and Echo Point. Both of these trekking destinations offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and valleys.

    Trekking to Top Station requires as much strength and stamina. It's a very rigorous trek. The Echo Point is 15 km away from Munnar and is famous for its voice resonance. Make sure you've got the appropriate trekking equipment and hiking boots while you're going trekking. You could choose the level of difficulty of the trek as per your physical capabilities.

    Houseboat Stay

    Staying in a houseboat is among the most famous activities to be done in Alleppey. The very feeling of spending the night in a houseboat can give you a lot of excitement, and you can really experience it in Alleppey. Backwaters of Alleppey offers stunning scenery and tranquil surroundings. Absorb the beauty of this place as you sail over tranquil, pristine waters.

    You can choose a Kerala houseboat package depending on the number of days you want to spend on the boat. Houseboats usually pick you up around 11.30 a.m.from the starting point.

    Stay in a Tree House

    If you are a genuine nature lover, you must stay in one of the treehouses in Munnar and have some quality time enjoying the wilderness. These treehouses are made of eco-friendly materials such as coir mattresses, hay straws, bamboo poles, etc. Staying here will not only give you a luxury ambiance but will also take you closer to nature.Treehouses in munnar are constructed on massive trees with the stunning beauty of the forest and plantations. They are built at a height of about 30 to 100 feet, giving an amazing spectacle of the natural environment.

    Indulge in Ayurvedic Treatment

    Your trip to Alleppey will be incomplete without a refreshing Ayurvedic treatment. It is one of the most exciting activities to do in Alleppey, especially during the winter and the rainy season. Ayurvedic spa treatment will relieve you from muscle pain, stress, and anxiety. It is done using specialized oils obtained from medicinal herbs. For a genuine and authentic experience, visit one of the government-recognized Ayurvedic spa centers in the area.

    You can consult the experts at the center and choose an exotic spa treatment for you. By the end of the course, you will discover a new kind of energy and be more relaxed.

    Elephant Safari

    Another amazing thing to do in Munnar is to opt for an Elephant Safari. Experience the fun and excitement of an elephant ride through the dense forest is an unforgettable experience. You can enjoy the surrounding views as you ride through the lush green hills, the deep valleys, and the captivating forests of the elephant. If you have children with you, this is a perfect activity to keep them entertained. You could have an elephant ride in the Carmelagiri Elephant Park.

    Try Regional Delicacies

    Kerala is home to a large number of spices. If you're a foodie, you should surely try the local traditional dishes in Kerala. Munnar and Alleppey are famous for their authentic cuisine. Here you can soothe your taste buds with delectable Malabar cuisine and seafood dishes.

    There is a wide range of options, from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. In addition, South Indian food is popular throughout the world for its rich flavor and taste, and you must not forget to try it at any cost.

    Plantation Tour

    Munnar is widely known for its coffee, tea, and spice plantation. A walk through the fragrant tea plantations, the coffee estates, and the picturesque hills covered with green foliage is truly entrancing and rejuvenating your senses. An early morning hike along the plantations is an experience not to be missed in Munnar. Wandering through these plantations also provides an opportunity to see how the raw materials are processed and understand the medicinal values of these herbs

    Birds Watching

    The backwaters of Alleppey are populated by many rare and exotic migratory birds such as White-throated Kingfishers, White Breasted Waterhen, Black Drongo, Stork Billed, Asian Palm Swift and Jungle Myna. So keep your camera prepared to snap a picture of these gorgeous birds. You can opt for a bird watching tour deeply committed to this activity.

    Mountain Cycling

    If you are an adventure enthusiast and would like to try something exciting, then mountain cycling is a suitable choice for you. Many areas of Munnar, such as Kundala, Marayoor, Anamudi Shola, and Vandanmedu, are perfect for mountain biking. Riding across the tea plantations is a wonderful experience and must-do activity in Munnar.

    You can rent a bicycle in Munnar for INR 300 a day and go mountain cycling. Discovering the picturesque hills and the gorgeous meadows of Munnar on a bicycle is a lifetime experience.

    Visit Temples and Churches

    Kerala is famously known as 'God's own country'. Your trip to Alleppey would be unfinished without visiting the local temples and churches of the area. There are many historic temples and churches in Alleppey which are not only sacred but also highlight the ancient culture of Kerala. Alleppey is the cultural mix of Hinduism and Christianity. The area's cultural and traditional values have allowed these heritage sites to be well maintained. Some of the Alleppey's famous temples and churches include St. Mary 's Church, Ambalapuzha Krishna Temple, St. Andrew's Florence Forance Church, and Chettikulangara Bhagavathy Temple.

    Besides the activities mentioned above, there is a lot more to do in Munnar and Alleppey that will make your trip a remarkable one. No matter which month you choose to visit here, there will always be something or something else to keep your holiday mood going.

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