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  • Chatuchak Market

          Chatuchak market in Bangkok is a favourite destination among shopaholics. Shoppers from all over the world gather here to visualize and experience some huge shopping in the world’s largest market. Chatuchak market spreads across a vast area of 35acres with more than 15,000 bustling stalls. Visitors get everything ranging from variety of clothes, accessories, furniture, crafts, antiques and hundreds of categories more to explore. Chatuchak market Bangkok is popularly known as JJ market by the local residents. Enjoy a massive shopping experience with your family and friends. Chatuchak market weekend was introduced in the year 1942 and market witness around 200, 000 visitors every tourist year. 

          Chatuchak market is divided into 27 shopping sections; these sections are diverted into 65 small lanes from the main walkway. It’s numbered as Soi 1, Soi 2, etc encircling the whole market. 

    Chatuchak market categories

         Chatuchak market is categorized into different sections for easy shopping, Section 1 is dedicated to book lovers including book stalls, collectables, picturesque cafes, and food shops. Moving on to the sections 2 to 4, it’s completely decorative with home decors items, paintings, and poetry. Section 5 and 6 comprises of clothes, adornments, and other miscellaneous products. Section 7 and 8 include all the furniture, antique collection, and handicrafts. Sections 10 to 23 include household appliances, consumer products, pet accessories, and lot more. Get some fresh food and dry food at the section 17 to 19. Sections 22 to 27 has a mixture of craft works, antiques, furniture, books, food shop, and lot more to explore. 

    Food at Chatuchak market

         Out of 15,000 stalls, over 500 stalls are simply dedicated to food and drinks. The country has plenty of culinary delights and tourists explore everything from traditional Thai cuisine to delicious street food combination. 

    Coconut fusion in Thai recipes

          Coconut is popular in Thailand and it’s a prominent ingredient in their cuisine. Coconut ice-cream is the top-most recommended item in the Chatuchak market. This yummy ice-cream choice is soft, juicy, and tasty enough to overcome the humidity of market. The coconut ice-cream costs around THB 60. Other street foods include honey roasted pork, moo yang, and red ruby, it’s available at THB 35 to 45 depending on the vendor. 

    Get the support of Mobile Apps at Chatuchak market

           Since it’s a huge and crowded market, make sure to use the Chatuchak guide app. This map includes the live status of market, your location with a search function, and regular updates on promotional offers. It’s a quiet useful app, if you’re new to the city and crowded shopping experience. This app is available on both IOS and Android. If you prefer old-school style shopping, then the market has information kiosks at each end. 

            Get addicted to the offers and deals, be prepared to bargain a lot for effective purchase. Dress lightly to face the over crowd and humidity. The market is prevalent during weekends. Be careful of your wallets, mobiles, watches and make sure to carry cash, because most of the vendors don’t support electronic payment. A full day trip is essential to explore the whole market.

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