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    Kerala is a tiny paradise for every honeymooner who is looking for a laid-back romantic escapade. Wedged between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, Kerala’s topography is a brilliant mixture of emerald backwaters, golden beaches, bewitching hill-stations, and refreshing jungles.

     If you wish to unwind a bit from the stressful affair of choosing your Honeymoon destination, read about the perks of choosing a Kerala Honeymoon Package. Celebrate your Marital bliss against the perfect backdrops of God’sown country

     1. Stay in a Treehouse of Munnar

    Far removed from the neon lights and city bustle, imagine a quaint little treehouse with just you two.  Soak up in the company of each other as you savor the breathtakingly beautiful views of the valley and jungle from the Tree House. This isolation must be the ultimate surprise your companion has been craving for. These treehouses are usually made of bamboo poles, hay straws, and coir mats. Indulge in the magic of tranquility as you rest your eyes on the lush green forests and grasslands. Make sure you opt for Munnar, the Kashmir of India in your Kerala Honeymoon Packages.

    Munnar tree House Price/Night: 

    It starts at INR 3000.

    How to reach Munnar:

    How to reach Munnar by air:

    Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Munnar. On arriving here, you can rely on a bus or taxi service to reach Munnar.

    How to reach Munnar by Train:

    You can head to Ernakulam or Aluva Railway station and then take a bus or Taxi to Munnar.

    How to reach Munnar by road: 

    Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) has frequent services to Munnar. You can either books tickets from the website or from the Aluva terminal. You can also hire taxis and even ride a bike all the way to Munnar if you feel adventurous.

    Still, a better option would be looking for the tour operator near you who can best carry out the Kerala Honeymoon Packages planning and execution for you. You can ensure a smooth transfer and hassle-free sightseeing on doing that.

    Best time to visit Munnar: 

    Munnar is a year-round destination, Monsoon in Munnar is gaining wide recognition lately.

    What to expect for a treehouse stay in Munnar?

    The stay is basically about unplugging from the outer world, so please don’t expect luxuries but the host will sure make the stay comfortable and enjoyable for you in your Kerala honeymoon.

    What to carry for a treehouse stay in Munnar?

    Make sure you have a first aid kit, comfortable shoes or flip flops to climb up, bug sprays, comfy clothes, and water.

    2. Take a  Couple-Spa from Kerala

    Unload all the stress and chaos of the wedding ceremonies by signing up for a rejuvenating couple-spa. Kerala boasts an authentic heritage in Ayurvedic treatments which dates back to many centuries. Do not miss out on this opportunity to revitalize your mind and body, if you are on kerala honeymoon package .

    Why is Kerala famous for Ayurveda?

    With the abundance of medicinal herbs that grow in Kerala, you are guaranteed with the authentic aromatic oils and therapies in God's own country. Indulge in couple spas while you are on a kerala honeymoon and get pampered in the best way.

    Price/head for spa Ayurvedic Spa: 

    Starts from INR 3000/- 

    What to expect: 

    The dreamy silence and relaxation you were craving all this while after a good long Indian wedding ceremony. 

    Get ready to be pampered with the wholesome combination of aromatic oils, medicated serums, herbs, milk, honey, and special diets.

    What to carry:

    You will be given the robe, slippers, and towels but bring your own if you are strict about using your

    3.Sign up for Houseboat stay in Alleppey

    Imagine dozing off to the sound of calming waves and waking into magnificent sunrise with your loved one!  Nothing can beat this heavenly experience where you both will be floating in the quaint houseboat of Kerala, far removed from the chaos of the land. You can catch a good glimpse of ducks, migratory birds, villagers doing their routine things, as you glide through the spellbinding backwaters of Kerala, on choosing Kerala Honeymoon Package with Houseboat

    How safe is the overnight stay in Kerala honeymoon package with Houseboat?

    The houseboat crew is trained with first aid methods and safety precautions including fire extinguishers and floaters are ensured. Proper ventilation is ensured to facilitate engine emissions. Without a second thought you can sign up for the Kerala Honeymoon package with Houseboat.

    Kerala Honeymoon Package with Houseboat Price.

    What to expect: 

    The dreamy silence and relaxation you were craving all this while after a good long Indian wedding ceremony. 

    What to carry:

    You will be given the robe, slippers, and towels but bring your own if you are strict about using yours.

    4.Adore the white sands of Varkala Beach

    Varkala Cliff is one of the top picks of every newlywed who craves romantic escapades in white sandy beaches. Nestled in the largest metropolitan city of Kerala, Varkala has become a hub for romantic couple activities like sun-bathing, swimming, and water sports. Perched in the rustic brick-red cliffs of the Capital city, this destination pampers the couple with a visual feast.  

    Is Varkala worth a visit while on a luxury Kerala honeymoon Package?

    Totally, Give it a go! Stroll through the long stretches of white sand coast hand in hand and savor the cliffy delights.

    How to reach Varkala: September to May

    Places to visit in Varkala

    • Varkala Cliff
    • Anchuthengu and Anjengo Fort
    • Ponnumthuruthu Island
    • Sivagiri Mutt
    • Varkala Beach
    • Kappil Beach
    • Kappil Lake
    • Thiruvambadi Beach
    • Saint Sebastian’s Pilgrim Church Moongode
    • Janardhanaswamy Temple
    • Okayama Beach
    • Edava Vettakkada Beach
    • Varkala Lighthouse
    • Varkala Tunnel
    • Chilkoot Beach

    Best time to visit Varkala: 

    September to February

    5.Candlelight Dinner from Cherai

    Kerala Honeymoon package is all about handfuls of surprises and what better choice to surprise your companion, than a Candlelight dinner set against the backdrop of an exquisite sea? Cherai beach is one of the cleanest beaches in kerala, which has been attracting flocks of newly weds to its heart. You can savor the breathtakingly beautiful beach at day and wrapping up your good time with a candle Light Dinner. The perks of visiting this sunkissed beach includes spotting dolphins and quaint Chinese nets. 

    Best time to visit Cherai: September to February

    How to reach Cherai: You can take a ferry or bus from Vypin to Cherai. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Cherai. You can rely on Public Transport from that point.

    6. Stay in a Lake Resort in Kumarakom.

    The verdant landscape of Kumarakom becomes your accommodation option when you choose lake resorts for Kerala honeymoon. You can doze off to the sound of calming waves and wake up to beautiful sunrises. Enjoy the idyllic getaway by asking for a lake resort in Kumarakom in your Honeymoon Package to Kerala. The pampering and amenities you can avail are unparalleled here. You can also go for a Houseboat ride in Kumarakom lake and take a stroll through the quaint village during the day time.

    How to reach Kumarakom:

    Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to Kumarakom. Kottayam is the nearest railway station to Kumarakom. You can rely on the public transportation bus or hire a taxi

    Best time to visit Kumarakom

    November to February

    Places to visit in Kumarakom:

    • Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary
    • Pathiramanal
    • Mozart Art Gallery
    • Saint Chavara Pilgrim Centre
    • Bay Island Driftwood Museum

    7. Marvel the Heart-Shaped lake in Wayanad

    The heart-shaped pond of Chembra best manifests the glory of Romance in a Natural Setting.  Go for a trek through the lush green forests of Wayanad and slow down at this milestone. Set in a mesmerizing meadow, this pond in the shape of the heart is everything you wish to swoon to, with your loved one by your side. Don’t miss this place for heaven, if you are on your Honeymoon package to Kerala.

    How to reach Wayanad: 

    Kozhikode has the nearest airport terminal and Railway Station to Wayanad. Upon arriving you can depend on a taxi or bus to head to Wayanad.

    Best time to visit Wayanad: September to May

    Places to visit in Wayanad: 

    • Edakkal Cave
    • Soochipara
    • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Banasura Sagar Dam
    • Kuruvadweep
    • Banasura Hill
    • Kanthanpara Waterfalls

    8. Jungle safari in Thekkady

    Abundant in rich flora and fauna, Thekkady is a perfect paradise for couples who are on Kerala honeymoon packages. The Periyar National Park located in Thekkady is the perfect haven for innumerable animals and birds. Elephant junctions allow ‘Elephant Safaris’ which is very popular in Kerala honeymoon packages. The couple can ride over the friendly beast, feed him, and have a photo session with the elephant. 

    Places to visit in Thekkady:

    • Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Thekkady Rose Park
    • Mayura Ayurvedic Centre
    • Kumily Rosepark
    • How to reach Thekkady:

    Madurai Airport is the nearest airport terminal to Thekkady. You can also start from the Cochin Airport terminal or Aluva Railway Station in a car or  a public transportation bus.

    Best time to visit Thekkady:

    September to February.

    9. Breathe in the crisp mountain air of Vagamon

    Vagamon is a beautiful hill station nestled in the Idukki district of Kerala. The pine trees, misty peaks and lofty valleys add charm to this offbeat hill station. Far removed from the maddening crowd, you can savor the picturesque vistas of Vagamon. 

    Places to visit in Vagamon:

    • Vagamon Pine Forest
    • Marmala Waterfall
    • Vagamon Lake
    • Mundakayam
    • Idukki Dam
    • Best time to visit Vagamon:
    • September to May

    How to reach Vagamon:

    As the nearest airport to Vagamon is Cochin International Airport, you will have to depend on public transportation means or hire a taxi.

    10.  Stay in a Beach cottage of Marari Beach

    The white sand beaches of Marari is a popular attraction in Kerala honeymoon packages. Staying in the cottages which have access to the Marari beach will be the perfect option to spruce up your honeymoon. This palm-fringed hammock beach is one of the cleanest beaches in India. 

    Best time to visit Marari: September to February

    How to reach Marari:

    Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport terminal to Marari. You can rely on public transport or hire a taxi to reach Marari. Cochin, Kottayam, and Alleppey are the nearest railway heads.

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