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    How Ramoji Film City makes for a dreamy Celluloid trip

    For movie buffs, the glitz and bling Ramoji Film City is going to be an incredible experience to look forward to. Being the World’s largest integrated film city and India’s largest film-themed holiday destination, A Must place to visit in Hyderabad , Ramoji Film city should make it to the bucket-list of every Indian. Spanned in 2000 acres of diverse landscape with rolling hills and water streams, this destination offers unparalleled delights to Indian movie lovers.

    Myriad of activities

    Stroll around the spellbinding movie sets from your favorite movie scene in movie magic wing, do the iconic vintage bus ride, spot exquisite exotic birds in bird park, indulge in the adventurous activities offered in the theme park, witness the stunning live shows and rain dance Try and experience the fun with twister super jet carousel, Live tv show, Action Theatre, Space yatra, shop from the merchandise shops and return with handfuls of gleeful memories.

    Magic Movie Park and Film Sets

    You can spot stunning movie sets here and recollect the favorite movie scenes shot at these spots. The North Town is filled with brilliant simulations of cityscape and buildings. Bhagavatham Set is meant for shooting the epic serials which portray Ramayana and Mahabharatha. The Askari Garden Set is one of the first gardens of Ramoji Film city and is gorgeous in every way with fresh blooms and lush meadows. Classic Japanese Garden manifestation can also be spotted here with pretty pagoda structures and Japanese accessories. The Sun Fountain Garden has an astounding fountain raised upon a chariot pulled by horses. Mughal Garden can be considered as one of the most brilliant set here for the details, domes and pretty courtyards re-imagined in the beautiful premise.

          What makes Sanctuary Garden different is the intricate sculptures and manicured structures of elephants, peacocks, deer, etc. The Angel foundation surrounded by tulip-like flowers in the Film city premise is a heavenly installation in every way. If you are looking for a tranquil meadow set in cave theme, Kripalu Caves have you covered with tales and detailed depiction of Magadha, Kalinga and Bodhisattva empire. The 60 crore set of Bahubali spanned in 100 acres can be the prime attraction for our generation.

    Bird Park with exotic birds

    Hailed as the Bird Park with Asia’s largest aviary, this bird park is graced with a wide variety of Flamingoes, gooses, pigeons, Macaws, Lory, Cranes, Ibis, ducks, and many more. Carolina duck, Dusky Lory, Scarlet Ibis, Chilean flamingo, White stork, Ross Turaco, Great Blue Turaco, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, Green-napped rainbow Lorikeet, Chattering Lory, Emperor goose, Manchurian crane, Military Macaw,  Yellow bibbed Lory, etc are some prettiest birds you can find inside the bird park of Ramoji Film City.

    Wedding Destination

    This Film city is the favorite pick of every couple who crave for a Destination wedding. Ramoji Film City boasts many themes to choose for your dream wedding Maharaja and Maharani in a period set, Shehzaada and Mallika, Hero and Heroine in Bollywood night, Chandragupta and Chandramukhi, Badshah and Begum in Hawa Mahal, Village theme and the State-wise themes are available here.

    Fundustan for the kids

    With exhilarating spaces and rides to entice kids, Ramoji film city attracts flocks of families every year. Dadajinn's Ark, Wonderville Toyland, Borasura magic workshop, Ballerina Fount, Presto magic toy shops, Thrillville rides, Dome amphitheater, Timberland, etc are a few fun-packed spaces for kids in here. If you are on a Hyderabad Tour Package for family, make sure you entice your wee ones with the unparalleled funs offered here.


    This division is graced with wonderful butterflies inhabited in a 7,200 square feet butterfly enclosure. Many exotic species of butterflies can be found here with brilliant patterns and vibrant combinations of colors. Vaman Bonsai Garden is another fascinating spot in Ramoji Film City. It is graced with tiniest bonsai gardens and a variety of Genera and cultivars. The Colours garden where its always springtime is another beautiful space inside the film city. The terrace gardens stretched in 15,000 sq. ft. is home to most alluring varieties of flowering plants and shrubs.

    Ramoji Film City is thus one of the most rewarding Holiday Destination in India. Make sure you pop into the filmy delights and melt into the dreamy sets of this spot if you are heading to the Nizam’s city!