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    Hyderabad the city of Pearls, is a glorious city wedged between the Deccan Plateau and the Western Ghats. Visiting this culturally vibrant city with a gracefull past should be on everyone's bucket list. Hyderabad is a dream of every history buffs out there. You can still spot the leftovers of Nizam’s reign in the form of majestic palaces and Forts in here. It is also a foodie’s paradise, as Hyderabad is nicknamed as ‘home of biriyani’. The film city of Hyderabad has incredible delights for movie buffs as it caters big time to the film industry with film cities and discotheques.  This cosmopolitan city seamlessly blends with its regal history. 

    Established in 1591 CE by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shahies, this destination boasts a significant tale of its glorious past. Hyderabad is noted for its unparalleled artistic features, majestic forts and palaces, filmy bling and glitters of the night city. If you are confused about which to choose from the umpteen delights Hyderabad has to offer, check out the most popular spots in Hyderabad we have compiled for you. Choose your kinda places to visit in Hyderabad and add them to your Hyderabad Tour Packages without a miss! 


    Nestled in the banks of Musi river lies the magnificent monument - Charminar. Regarded as the iconic symbol which represents Hyderabad, Charminar is easily the most sought after spot in every Hyderabad Tour packages. This landmark of Hyderabad was built in 1591 AD. The square-shaped monument was placed in the city center by the rules for it to be flanked by quadrants and chambers of the kingdom. 

    As the name indicates, the monument has four charming minarets. We need to climb 149 steps to witness the beautiful mosque on the upper floor, which is totally rewarding. You can enjoy the intricate interiors, quaint charm of the clock of Charminar and the marvelous carved details as you stroll around this glorious monument.  Charminar is open for the public between 9.30 and 5.30 pm. It is open to visitors on all days of the week. 

    Golconda Fort

    This majestic fort which is synonymous to Hyderabad after Charminar is 500 years old. This fortified citadel was the city capital during the reign of Qutb Shahi. Golconda produces the largest diamonds called the Golconda Diamonds and colorless Koh-i-Noor, the blue Hope and much more. Built by Kakatiyas, this architectural marvel has made it to the list of monuments prepared by the Archaeological Survey of India. The glorious history and unparalleled architecture of Golconda Fort make it a must-visit place in Hyderabad.

    Another tourist attraction of this spot is that Golconda Fort hosts brilliant Sound and Light shows organized in the ruins of the Rani Mahal. Large parade groud, ravishing mosques, royal rooms, and the elegant gates add up to the splendidness of this fort. Lurk around and get transported into a long-gone era full of charms. Golconda Fort is open between 9 am and 5 pm on all days of the week.

    Ramoji Film City

    Spanned in 2500 acres, Ramoji Film city is a paradise for every movie lover. This giant, one of its kind film studios has made it to the Guinness book of records and has been certified as World's largest film studio complex. It is big enough to carry out numerous film projects at the same time. All the Bahubali stans are invited to witness the film set left unspoiled in this film city! You can also see the Japanese gardens, London street and such incredible film sets inside.  A charming replica of London bus and many other vintage things available here makes it totally worth visiting once. 

    You should totally go for a film city tour if you are on a Hyderabad Tour Packages. You can get the clearest glimpse of locations you have seen only on screen. The ecozone which has a bird park, bonsai garden, and butterfly park inside it is the next best attraction in this film city. The film city is open to visitors between 9 am and 4.30 pm.

    Chowmahalla Palace

    The former official residence of the Nizams, Chowmahal was built in the year 1869. Unique for its architectural details, UNESCO had awarded Chowmahalla Palace with the Asia Pacific Merit award for cultural heritage conservation. Spanned in 12 acres, this wondrous palace is located in the South East of Laad Bazar. The spectacular courtyards, splendid dining hall and intricate details on the pillars and domes of the monument add up to the heavenly charm it possesses. Along with the abundance of glorious structures inside the monument, you can also spot fountains and gardens inside the premises.

    Chowmahalla can be roughly translated into ‘four palaces’ in English. Even though the 14 acres palace premise has shrunk to 12 acres, the palace has stood the test of time. The long corridors and clock tower of Chowmahalla are sure to cast a spell on you. Make sure you add this spot to your itinerary and dissolve into this fairytale destination full of lit chandeliers and white stone beauty everywhere.

    Hussain Sagar lake

    Enviously located 2 km from the heart of the city is this beautiful heart-shaped lake - Hussain Sagar. Excavated in 1562 AD for irrigation by  Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah, this lake is recognized as the largest artificial lake in Asia. The lake has received 'Heart Of The World' Recognition by UNWTO. Hussain Sagar lake connects the twin cities - Secunderabad and Hyderabad. The iconic statue of Gauthama Budha erected in 1992, right in the middle of the lake is synonymous with Hussain Sagar lake.

    This is the best place to visit during the dusk and watch the sun sinking gently into oblivion. The lush green park Sanjeevaiah Park lies to the north of this lake. Dissolve into the sublime delights of this gorgeous river bank and take a stroll through the green meadows of the park by adding this spot to your Hyderabad Tourism Package.

    Snow World, Hyderabad

    Snow World is the first Indian Snow themed park and the third biggest snow park in the whole World. This amusement park is popular among natives and tourists alike for the incredible snowfall even during the steamy summer. Established in the year 2004, Snow World is spanned in 2 acres. Around two hundred tonnes of artificial snow goes into the inside premise, which is made using Australian technology.

    You will be given the thermal wears, boots, caps, and gloves to cope with the sudden fall of temperature. Snow wars, Snow tube slide, ice bumping cars, merry go round and ice skating rink are the other attractions you can find inside the Snow Park premise. Above all, they have infused the ‘snow fall’ feature which is incredibly beautiful to witness. Head to the Snow World, without a second thought if you are heading to Hyderabad this summer!

    Birla Mandir

    This enchanting temple complex built by the Birla family - the industrialists in 1939. Enviously located to the south of Hussain Sagar lake, the deities worshiped in  Birla Mandir Hyderabad are Lord Venkateshwara, Goddess Parvathi, and Andal. Nestled in the picturesque hillock called Naubat Pahad, this gorgeous temple offers awesome views from 280 feet height. Other deities worshiped in separate shrines are Shiva, Shakti, Ganesh, Hanuman, Brahma, Saraswati, Lakshmi, and Saibaba.

    At night the luminescent the tall and majestic granite image of Lord Venkateshwara along with the glitters of diyas and sparkly lights offers a spectacular feast to our eyes. The intricate stone carvings depict the mythical stories and instances from Bhagavad Gita. The traditional bell chimes, the scent of incense and the pleasant bhajans from the temple are definitely going to cast a spell on you during your Hyderabad Tour. This destination is open to the public between 7 am to 12 pm noon.

    Lumbini Park

    This small urban park nestled in the banks of Hussain Sagar lake was constructed in the year 1994. The park is beautifully maintained by the Buddha Purnima Project Authority (BPPA) of Telangana. The Multimedia Fountain Show hosted here attracts flocks of tourists every day to Lumbini.  This could be that perfect spot to slow down and relax if you are looking for a laid back Hyderabad Honeymoon Tour.

    Lush green meadows, swaying palms, and exquisite flowers make Lumbini Park a postcard-perfect place. You can also savor wholesome views of the lake as well. The park also has a kids pool and a fountain show which is equally delightful to elders as well as the kids. Make sure you take some time out of your itinerary to dissolve into the tranquil delights offered here. The park is open to the public between 9 am and 9 pm.

    Salar Jung Museum

    Wedged in the banks of the Musi river is Salar Jung Museum. This is one of the three National Museums of India. You can find intricate exhibits that best represent the multi-culture here. Sculptures, paintings, ceramics, textiles, carpets, clocks and from Japan, China, and Burma. India, Persia, Egypt, Europe, and Nepal can be found here. It was Nawab Mir Yousaf Ali Khan who was popularly known as Salar Jung 3 who collected most of the exhibits over a period of 40 years. 

    This museum is also a manuscript conservative center. A wide variety of artifacts from India, West, East and the famous Quran collections can be found here. So many educational activities are carried around here. 

    Jal Vihar

    This Jal Vihar water park is another popular destination in every Hyderabad Tourism Package. This park is home to the largest wave pool in India. Spanned in 12.5 acres, this amazing water theme park was established in 2007. Zones for entertainment and party are available here. Rides are equally enjoyed by kids and adults in this park.

    A wide range of dry rides and wet rides including crazy ride, bull ride, pendulum ride, kiddie ride, multi-ride, bumper cars, trampoline bungee jump, twister, and frog hopper are found here. If you are an adrenaline junkie or if you wish to spruce up your Hyderabad Tour Package, make sure you add this spot to your trip itinerary. The Sanjeevaiah Park and the Hussain Sagar lake are too close to this destination and can be covered in a stretch. It is open between 11 am and 7 pm every day.

    Qutub Shahi Tomb

    Qutub Shahi tombs are an inevitable part of this magnificent city as well as every Hyderabad Tourism packages. The 7 generations of Qutub Shahi Emperors who ruled this ravishing city rest in these tombs. The Qutb Shahi tombs are located in the Ibrahim Bagh next to the Golconda Fort. These tombs were restored by the Telangana State Archaeology and Museums Department. 

    There are a lot of aesthetic features to each of these tombs. The domes of each tomb are overlaid with blue and green tiles. These are raised in square-shaped bases which are fringed with graceful designs. A stone coffin which is decorated with sculpture is placed at the center of each tomb. Carpets, chandeliers, Quran, velvet canopies, etc. surround the tombs. This place also has an unfinished tomb that looks experimental with minimalist decors and that tomb drags so much attention of the tourists. These tombs are fine gems of India’s architectural marvels.

    Falaknuma Palace

    Falaknuma Palace completely stands out for its architectural delights designed by William Ward Marret. It is in the shape of a scorpion and has Italian and Tudor influence in the structure.The 60 rooms and 22 halls of this palace are graced with the incredible paintings, manuscripts, statues, and artifacts of Nizams including the Jade collection and Venetian chandeliers. Another attraction of the palace is the exquisite library replicated from the Windsor Castle.

    It covers 32 acres of land near Charminar. The palace belonged to the Paigah family which was later owned by the Nizams. Falaknuma can be roughly translated to 'Mirror of the sky" and that best exemplifies its architectural beauty. The 40 Venetian chandeliers, the walnut carved roof of the library, the glass doors and windows of the palace make it one of a kind monument by all means. Make sure you do not miss out on this palace if you are heading to Hyderabad.
    Begum Bazaar

    The biggest commercial market in Hyderabad, the Begum market is one of the oldest markets in the World. Located near the Naya pul bridge in the city, the market days boast a turn over which easily worth crores. Tightly packed with retail and wholesale shops that sell household goods, stationery, Chinese ceramics, puja materials, ayurvedic and Unani products, dry fruits and what not! This crowded market offers an unparalleled shopping experience set in the old city canopy. The market is as old as the Qutb Shahi Dynasty.

    Most of the shops here are run by the Marwadi community who are migrants from Rajasthan. The narrow lanes of this market filled with flashy and colorful shop exhibits and the pleasant chaos of the market ambiance can reward you big time. This market has a separate ‘Mangal Market’ which sells household utensils.

    Purani Haveli

    Purani Haveli, which is also known as 'Masarrat Mahal Palace' was the official residence of the Nizam. This U shaped old mansion was built in the 1820s. This mansion best manifests the beauty of 18th-century European architecture and the golden era the Hyderabad city once had. The palace also has the World’s largest wardrobe. It also boasts the marvelous gifts, mementos, and collections the Nizams of Hyderabad once possessed.

    The courtyards of this exquisite mansion are designed in traditional Indian architecture. Explore this mansion which has the best gems of artifacts like the gold tiffin box studded with diamonds, beautiful ceramics, and royal vintage cars if you are heading to Hyderabad. Get yourself transported to the charming era of the Sultans.

    Chilkur Balaji Temple

    Located in the banks of Osman Sagar Lake, this beautiful shrine worships the Lord Venkateshwara as their prime deity. The temple is nestled in the quaint village called Chilkur which is beautiful in every direction. 

    The most amazing fact about Chilkur Balaji temple is that the deity is powerful enough to send you abroad or travel to that place you had prayed for. After herds of devotees were blessed with the journeys to the countries they were wishing for, the temple got the nickname ‘Visa Balaji Temple’. It is probably the only temple in India which does not accept any donations from the devotees. Neither do they have any inclinations with political parties and MLAs? Serene and tranquil in every way, this temple is truly one of its kind. The prayer system here completely revolves around the chants and pradakshinas around the Lord Venkateshwara idol. You can visit the temple between 5 am and 8 pm. 

    Paigah Tombs

    The Maqhbara Shams al-Umara or the Paigah tombs of Paigah family nobilities who were the closest loyalists of Nizams. The architecture and significance of these tombs make them an integral part of Hyderabad Tourism packages. The intricate details, carvings and marble works of the tombs make this place quite enthralling to explore. The floral stucco carvings, jaali work, roofs and pillars in teak, rosewood, and mahogany, etc add charms to the Paigah tombs.

    The 200 years of tombs are where the statesmen, philanthropists, and generals in the Nizam's kingdom will rest in peace. Paige’s family was one of the noblest and influential families of that time. The details on each tomb are the best manifestations of Mughal, Persian and Deccan carvings. Another attraction of this place is the magnificent stone places in the sarcophagus which slightly changes it color according to the season.

    Mount Opera

    Take a break to perk up your Hyderabad Tour Package with some amazing and adventurous rides of the theme park - Mount Opera. A wide range of water and dry rides set in hygienic infrastructure, this multi-theme park is located four kilometers away from Ramoji film city. What makes this theme park one of its kind in India is the landscape theme they have chosen and the premise stuffed with alluring fountains, exotic trees, and lush meadows.

    If you are a Hyderabad Tour package with family, make sure your little ones enjoy the climbers, jumping frog, merry go round, scramblers, swings, slides, etc.  here.

    For adults, they have Thrillarium, Ferris wheel, boating, go-karting, striking cars, alien planet, etc. The discotheque of Mount Opera is quite popular among This is also a resort with modern amenities, warm hospitality, and excellent services if you wish to stay.

    Mecca Masjid

    Mecca Masjid is one of the largest and one of the most significant Mosques in India. Built-in the 17th century, this monument has the capacity to let 20,000 devotees at a time. This Masjid is located 100 meters from Charminar. The amazing fact about the architecture of this mosque is that the sacred soil from Mecca was used to make the bricks for the central arch of the mosque. And that is how the Masjid got the name Mecca Masjid.

     It took around 80 years to complete the construction of this ethereal masjid. It is said that around 8000 masons worked twenty-four seven to make this happen. Belgian crystal chandeliers, octagonal columns and the granite details of the Mecca Masjid extend great delights to the tourists. You can blend into the tranquil atmosphere here by visiting the mosque anytime between 4 am to 9.30 pm.

    Taramati Baradari

    Taramati Baradari was a famous caravanserai where travelers used to stop and enjoy musical and dance shows in ancient times. This Persian styled hall placed in the middle of a beautiful garden has twelve charming doorways to facilitate visibility and access for herds of travelers.

    The wondrous architecture, the semi arch structure, the historical significance, the inclination towards everything art etc.makes this place one of the favorite picks of tourists in a Hyderabad Tourism package. It is said that this monument is named after the courtesan named Taramati who sang beautiful songs to the travelers. The Sultan could hear her songs even from the Golconda Fort as the wind carries her charming voice to him. Another story revolves around the famous dancers from the Sultan's era - Taramati and Premamati who were buried in the royal cemetery of the Qutb Shahi kings.

     Gandipet or Osman Sagar lake

    Gandipet, which is also called by the name 'Osman Sagar Lake' offers tranquil views of the slow-moving sparkly waves of the lake. This lake spread in 46-kilometer sq. was created by damming the Musi river to facilitate rollbacking the lives of subjects after the Great Musi Flood happened in 1908. The lake was named after the last Nizam of state - Osman Ali Khan who decided to build the dam.

    If you want a laid back day-out during your Hyderabad Tour, you can head to this spot and swoon to its amazing beauty. Treat yourself to the breathtakingly calm waves and sunset by the lake. This lake can give you that perfect holiday-feel you were craving for, apart from the rustic charm of the Hyderabad city. The tree-fringed banks of the river and the meadow stretches make the spot all the more beautiful.

    Maula Ali Dargah

    This rustic Sufi shrine situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad city is an excellent spot that boasts great high mountain views to the travelers. This holy hill and Maula Ali - the son in law of Prophet Muhammed are said to have appeared in the dreams of one of the eunuch of Qutb Shahi times - Yaqut which he later found during his journey. It is believed that Maula Ali is worshiped in this dargah since then.

    The dargah premise is divided into Old Moula Ali, Upparguda, and Meerpet. You can head to this place and see the handprint of Maula Ali on the sacred rock for yourself, savor the high mountain views and enjoy the crisp air here. This pilgrimage destination is one of the 11 heritage sites that were identified by HUDA (Heritage Conservation Committee). The devotees have to climb around 400 steps to witness the mysterious dargah which is situated 10 kilometers away from Secunderabad. It is open to visitors from 5.30 am to 10 pm on all days of the week.


    Shilaparam is a traditional crafts village that is blended seamlessly to the beautiful meadows and waterfalls of Madhapur. The essence of handicraft and the best manifestations of this art can be seen everywhere inside Shilparamam. Spanned in 50 acres, Shilparamam brilliantly exhibits the cultural and traditional heritage of old Hyderabad and its serene villages.

    The thatched huts of the Rural Museum is one of the main attractions here. The typical Indian village huts which best exemplify how it was like to live in a village can be found here. Indian woodwork, jewelry, clothes, and pottery are best conserved and crafted here in a way they get the attention these crafts deserve. The little garden with terracotta sculptures and the Rock Museum conceptualized by Subroto Basu are the other attractions loved by the tourists.

    Laad Bazar

    Laad Bazaar is nicknamed fondly as 'Choodi bazaar' for the availability of an exquisite variety of bangles available here. This bazaar is located in one of the lanes originating from the historic Charminar. This spot is also preferred for wedding shopping at the vendors who also sell saree and jewelry. 

    Every single exhibit at the shops of Laad Bazaar possesses a strange charm to them. The pearls, artificial diamonds, pop of colors, etc. add spectacular bling to the jewelry market. Make sure you pop into this amazing bazaar and bag in handfuls of ethnic ornaments for your friends and family. You can also click some amazing photos of the colorful chaos you can find in every nook and corner of this market. You can also catch a live glance of artists doing embroidery and handworks on beautiful salwars and sarees which are inevitable to Indian Textile Industry.

    NTR Gardens

    NTR garden was built as a tribute to the former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh - Shri N T Rama Rao. Spanned in 36 acres, this garden is a popular tourist place in every Hyderabad Tour packages for Family. This urban park is located right in the heart of the Hyderabad city and is in close proximity to other tourist destinations. It also has an IMAX theatre and a pretty Rock Garden

    At the end of a tightly scheduled day, all you need is the scenic beauty of this park. You can stretch your legs and lay by the meadows, lay your eyes on the fresh blooms of alluring herbs and flowering plants. Home to many exotic plants and shrubs including the desert plants like cacti and succulents, and some rare medicinal plants. You can also find many cafes, restaurants and light eateries around the park.
    Durgam Cheruvu

    Durgam Cheruvu is a placid freshwater lake located near the Hitech city in the Rangareddy district. This destination makes the perfect spot for a stroll through the banks, engage in family games or engage in a deep conversation as the lake sets a picturesque background. It is also nicknamed as the sacred lake as the granite rocks and land bumps make it a task to spot the lake quickly. The lake was the primary source of drinking water during the Qutb Shah dynasty which prevailed between 1518 and 1687. 

    Adrenaline junkies out there can indulge in adventurous activities like rock climbing, rappelling, hiking, and trekking. If you are done and dusted with the pleasant chaos of Hyderabad city, you can head to this calm spot when you can relax for a while. You should definitely try boating through the lake if you are on a Hyderabad Tour Package for family.


    Nestled on the picturesque banks of the river Krishna, Amaravati boasts a long catalog of urban and administrative delights to every traveler. This planned city was conceptualized in the year 2015. This capital city is located 32 kilometers from the Guntur district. The magnificent Budhha Stupa is the prime attraction of this spot. This stupa which 125 feet high is a thing of beauty and is also referred to as the 'abode of Gods'.

    Amaravati was named after the Amaravatu village which was the ancient capital of the Satavahana dynasty. The Amareshwara temple devoted to Lord Shiva and Amaravati Museum graced by artifacts from the third century BC and twelveth century AD - are the other prime attractions of this destination. The government complex under construction here includes Judicial complex, zonal offices, quarters, NGO housing and many more. 

    Sanghi Temple

    Wedged in the hillock 'Paramananda Giri', Sanghi temple offers delightful views and spiritual experiences to the travelers. Located in Sanghi Nagar which is 35 km away from the Hyderabad city, this temple is said to be a replica of Tirumala temple and that it has adapted Chola Chalukya architecture. This alluring white temple was constructed in the year 1991. 

    The deity worshiped here is Hindu Lord Venkateshwara. You can behold the sight of the beautiful mountain valley as you listen to the engaging chants and bhajans rendered in the temple. This Lord Venkateshwara Temple, Lord Anjaneya Temple, and Goddess Parvathi Devi temple are all located in close proximity. Temple is open to the public from 8 am to 8 pm.

     Spanish Mosque

    This wondrous Spanish mosque which is fondly referred to as the 'mosque of the Moors' is located within the Paigah palace premises. 

    It is said that this mosque is a smaller replica of  Cathedral–Mosque of Córdoba in Spain. The majestic minarets, domes and carved out details of roofs and pillars offer a visual feast to the travelers who head to this spot.

    The mosque was constructed under the orders of Vikar-ul-Umra, Iqbal Ud Dowla in 1906. The French windows, octagonal spires, courtyards vintage lamps, etc. add charm to this gorgeous monument. This mosque can accommodate 3000 people at a time. It definitely is an iconic landmark of Hyderabad city. The Spanish mosque is open to the public between 5 am and 9 pm on all days of the week.
    Toli Masjid

    Toli Masjid situated 2 km from the Golconda Fort is also referred to as Damri Masjid.  It was built in the year 1671. It is nicknamed so because the architect Mir Musa Khan Mahaldar who built the masjid was rewarded with Damri currency which was in use at that time. Ranked second after the Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad for its architectural splendidness, this masjid boasts two amazing halls, arched openings, and other sublime features. 

    This gorgeous monument in Indo Islamic architecture has won the Heritage Award by Indian National Trust for Art and Culture Heritage (INTACH). It has also been declared as a  heritage site by the Archaeological Survey of India. Make sure you stop by and explore the splendid beauty of this palace which remains frozen in the Mughal Empire era.

    Necklace Road

    The necklace road which stretches along the Hussain Sagar lake appears to be in the shape of a necklace from the sky. This popular boulevard of Hyderabad connects two famous parks - NTR park and Sanjeevaiah park.  It is an ideal place to relax and engage in a quick shopping if you are heading to Hyderabad.

    This road is dotted with so many restaurants and clubs. People gather here and engage in so many recreational activities which makes the spot quite famous among the natives and tourists. Many musical shows, exhibitions, sports, and contests are conducted here. You can indulge in these art and talent shows, savor the lake views and taste the sumptuous food from this famous food joint of Hyderabad.
    Indira Park

    Named after the famous former prime minister of India - Smt. Indira Gandhi, this green park in Hyderabad is one of the most sought after landscape destinations. The tall tree canopy inside the park’s premises attracts many tourists to this spot. Built-in the year 1975,  this park is spanned in 76 acres. 

    You can spot sandalwood trees inside the park, a man-made desert and a lake purification sight inside the park premise. Escape the hustle of the city and dissolve into the meadows and Natural delights available in this spot. The computerized musical fountain shows, Boating through the lake, plant bud shopping, long strolls through the park, fishing in the small pond, etc. are a few activities you can indulge in if you are heading to this spot.

    Botanical Garden

    Located in the Hitec city of Hyderabad,  this gorgeous Botanical garden is spread across an area of 274 acres of undulated land. It has 19 amazingly lush forests in tiny bunches. You can have a laid back time right in the middle of rich flora and fauna. You should not miss this place if you are on a Hyderabad Tour package fr family. 

    The eco-tourist destination has tents available for longer visits of Nature lovers and researchers. The bamboo and palm zones of the garden are incredibly pretty. The meadows, medicinal plants, the tall trees are all well-manicured and taken care of by the park authority. Dissolve into the bounty of Nature and its landscape if you are done and dusted with the chaotic bustle of the city outside. This Botanical garden is open to the public from 5.30 am and 6 pm.

    KBR Gardens

    Kasu Brahmananda Reddy (KBR) National Park is located in Jubilee Hills and Banjara hills of Hyderabad. Spread across 400 acres of land, the park premise has Chiran Palace - a beautiful palace which 70 years old. The spot also has a Mor bungalow which is home to exquisite peacocks.  This peacock park is situated in a hilltop which adds charm to the views.

    If you wish for a sudden change of scenes, you can opt for this lush green park with rich flora and exotic fauna. You can find rarest trees and herbs inside the premise and most of them are famous for its medicinal value. The horse stable, elephant and cattle joint, deep wells and palace make this spot one of the favorite picks of the tourists. You can visit the park anytime between 5.30 am and 9 pm.

    Birla Planetarium

    Birla Science Museum is a dome-shaped planetarium that was conceptualized in the year 1985. This is one of the most sought after spots in every Hyderabad Tour packages. This is a little slice of heaven for every science and space enthusiast. The newly inculcated wing - Dinosaurium which was added in 2000 exhibits 160 million-year-old mounted Kotasaurus yamanpalliensis. This was excavated at the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. You can also find the dinosaur egg fossils, marine shells and tree trunks in this museum.

    Other than the planetarium for space study enthusiasts and Dinosaurium for the history buffs, the spot also has a well-maintained art gallery and a science center. The little ones in your family are definitely going to love this place and it can be very informative to them. Make sure you do not miss this amazing spot if you are on a Hyderabad Tour Package. The planetarium is open between 10:30 am and 8 pm. 

    Nehru Zoo Park

    Located near Mir Alam Tank of Hyderabad this Nehru Zoological Park is rich with endangered and exotic animals. Spanned in 380 acres, the Nehru Zoo Park is home to over 1,500 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. Ranging from  Indian rhino, Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger, panther, gaur, Indian elephant, slender loris, python, as well as deer, antelopes to many beautiful birds, you can spot the major part of Indian wildlife. Everyone including elders and little ones can equally enjoy this zoo. 

    So many safari parks including Lion Safari Park and elephant Safari park can be found here. Another amazing wing called the Nocturnal Animal House was also added to bind us closer to the Nature and nightlife of animals. Park is open for the public anytime between  9 AM to 5.50 PM.

    Isckon Temple

    Iskcon temple is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage destinations in Hyderabad. Lord Krishna is the prime deity worshiped here. It sure is a heavenly experience to savor the white facade and structures with intricate details in this temple as you listen to the magical chants and mantras. The diyas and incense sticks lit here add up to the ethereal experience which makes us all spiritual in the serene setting. 

    The alluring foundations and tranquil premises of the Isckon temple should not be missed if you are heading to Hyderabad.  The 7 pm ‘aarathi’ worship is quite famous here and lots of devotees line up to witness that divine time. Make sure you forget everything for a while and dissolve into the euphoric delights offered in this serene spot.

    Pedamma Gudi Temple

    Nestled in the Jubilee Hills of Hyderabad is this beautiful Hindu Temple 'Pedamma Gudi'. Famous for the colorful festivals called Bonaalu, Mahotsavam, and Rathotsavam, this temple worships 'Pedamma' - the mother of mothers, who is one of the 11 forms of village deities. 

    You can blend into the serene ambiance of this wondrous temple, enjoy the structural beauty and breath in the tranquil fragrance of incense sticks. Goddess Lakshmi, Vigneshwara, Nagadevatha, and Saraswathi are the other deities worshiped here. The Bonaalu festival celebrated in the temple premise is a visual feast in every way. Women carry offerings to the goddess in mud pots and thousands of devotees line up to be a part of the festival. You can visit this temple anytime between 6 am and 1 pm or 3 pm and 8 pm.

    Papi Kondalu or Papi Hills

    Papi Kondalu is a destination that is highly rewarding and aesthetic in every angle. Perched in the hillocks of the Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh, this destination boasts beautiful sights in all directions. Tucked in the Eastern Ghats, Papi hills offers many adventurous delights to the tourists like Boating, Mountain climbing, Hiking and so on. You can savor the clear blue sky and sparkling waters of the lake as you rest by the meadows. Even as the sun goes down, things get better by the banks of the river. Lots of people flock to this spot at dawn to swoon into the starlit sky and blue waters of the lake.

    The location also has a brilliant and well maintained Wildlife Sanctuary spanned around 590 acres of land. This sanctuary is home to many carnivores and herbivores including tigers, jackals, deers, panthers, hyenas, birds and reptiles. 

    Sri Jagannath Temple

    Beautifully carved out in red sandstone, this temple remains one of the most beautiful temples in Hyderabad. Constructed by the Odia community, this temple is believed to be the exact smaller replica of Puri Jagannath temple in Orissa. Sri Jagannath Temple is dedicated to the ‘creator of the universe’ - Jagannath, who is also an avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

    Goddess Lakshmi, Vighneshwara, Shiva, and Navagraha are the other deities worshipped in this temple. The red sand required to raise up the temple was brought from Orissa and the construction got completed in the year 2009. The temple premises are rich with detailed carvings like the nine avatars of Vishnu, mythical beings from Hindu Epics.

    Bhongir Fort

    Bhongir or Bhuvangiri Fort is aesthetically located in the huge rock of Yadadri hillocks. Built-in the 10th century, this ravishing fort boasts so many inscriptions, sculptures, and details from the Chalukya dynasty. Every history buffs out there should definitely add this spot to your Hyderabad Tourism Packages.

    The isolated monolithic rock upon which the magnificent Fort rests is in an egg shape and is 500 feet high. The destination is graced with a vast underground chamber, trap doors, an armory, stables, ponds, wells, etc. Explore all of these ruins from the Bahamani era and adore the echoes from the past as you stroll around. The statue of the great warrior Sardar Papanna, the Hanuman temple down the hill, the sparkly pond, etc. are the other attractions of this spot.

    Whether you are craving a solo tour package to Hyderabad or a Hyderabad Honeymoon package or a Hyderabad Tour Package for Family, we have you covered. Our brilliant itinerary which comes at low prices and excellent services will never disappoint you.