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    House to scintillating beaches of all kinds, Goa is the ultimate scenic station for beachgoers and Nature enthusiasts of all shades. Bursting with music, party vibes and pockets full of sunshine, Goa Tour Packages are everything you are craving for!! You can sign up for the scariest beach adventures you always wanted to do at cheap prices, relish the sight of sparkling seawater fringed by swaying palms and golden sands, savor the scrumptious seafood cuisines and drinks from shacks and other eateries fringing the beaches and maybe shop till you drop from its flea markets!!

                   So why wait! Book your tour packages to Goa now, pop into the picturesque beaches, grab a couple of drinks, savor the Indo-Portuguese cuisine and bag in the blissful experiences! Read on if you wish to choose from around 17 beaches, Goa is graced with!!

    Butterfly Beach

                    Butterfly beach is well-known as the most-romantic Honeymoon beach in Goa. Goa tour is incomplete, if you’re not visiting butterfly beach. A beautiful small cove surrounded by dense trees is huge attraction spot. Butterfly beach in Goa is situated in a remote location and so, allows immense privacy for honeymooners. The surrounding trees attract butterflies and the beach itself is in the shape of a butterfly. It’s a prominent beach destination in the Cancona region. Butterfly beach Goa is accessed via a ferry ride from the Palolem beach. Butterfly beach direction is difficult to access on foot or by means of vehicles. It’s a secluded area with thick forest on one side and the open sea on the other side. 

                     Butterfly beach is one of the exciting places to visit in Goa. Enjoy sunset with a picnic basket and some wild experience. November till March is the perfect time to visit the most romantic butterfly beach. 

    Calangute Beach

                      Calangute is the longest beach and one of the best places to visit in North Goa. Calangute beach has thousands of domestic and international honeymooners every day. Feel the sound of waves getting merged with the rhythm of music from beach shacks. Calangutte beach of Goa is a connection spot with various other famous beaches like Candolim, Baga, Anjuna and many more destinations. Calangutte beach goa embarks on popular water sports, trending beach cafes and a peaceful beach walk. It’s a busiest destination for water sports like surfing, parasailing, banana ride and jet-skiing. Enjoy some parasailing with your partner and shop at the famous Tinto market. Surprise your beloved ones with some precious gifts. Reach at nights to visualize some splendid night clubs and parties. 

                      Calangutte beach resort is a perfect accommodation spot with plenty of amenities and luxury stay. As the monsoon season hits on, Calangute beach in Goa is one of the romantic destinations in India. 

    Anjuna Beach

                       Get the real vibe of a rocky beach!! Anjuna Beach is characterized by its rocky outcrops. Immerse yourself in the trance music and get engaged in the number of water sports. Share the great adventure with your partner and enjoy the musical journey. Anjuna beach is one of the popular places to visit in Goa north!! Anjuna Beach Goa is a real entertainment spot with plenty of night parties and clubs at the beach shores. Day time resembles some culinary delicacy with burger factory, Basilico or some other popular food outlets. Anjuna Beach of Goa is a quick haunt for hippies in the 60s and the city maintains its charm even now. Anjuna beach resorts are unique with luxury beachfront accommodation. 

                        Anjuna beach in Goa has the most-exhilarating bungee jumping from an 80 feet tower and also other sports like paragliding or windsurfing.  October to March is the best time to visit Anjuna beach.

    Palolem Beach

                        The gem of Goa and one of the best places to visit in South Goa!! Palolem beach is a favourite destination for newly married couples who seek a peaceful place to plan their future. The long shoreline presents excellent opportunities to eat, relax and chill. Enjoy the traditional Goan cuisine with beach parties and entertainments. Palolem beach in Goa was an unexplored destination until 1980s. But, once explored the beach gained immense popularity among worldwide travellers. Palolem beach of Goa is a serene beach destination with a paradise of white sands. Palolem beach hotels are trending destinations for luxury accommodation and delicious Goan food. 

                         Palolem beach Goa has several ferry rides to witness the tranquil surroundings and there are special rides that take you to the butterfly beach. Silent Noise Parties are held at Neptune point which brings in quite considerable couples. November till March is the best time to visit Palolem Beach.

    Velsao Beach

                         Velsao beach is an ideal romantic hideout for newly married couples. It’s an isolated beach between Bogmalo and Majorda in South Goa. The sparkling silver sands, beautiful coconut plantation, clean and pristine coast attract honeymoon couples world-wide. Velsao beach in Goa is a 20km coastline with stunning natural beauty. People reach here to enjoy the natural coastal beauty. Velsao beach Goa is a perfect relaxation spot where people sit back and enjoy in the soft sands!! Velaso beach shacks are quite alluring inviting foodies to taste a wide variety of homely food or other eateries. Velaso beach is a vibrant destination with energetic night parties and stunning water sports. Velaso beach is one of the prominent places to visit in Goa for youngsters

                          Velaso beach hotels are splendid with luxurious beachfront stay and easily accessible to other tourist destinations.It’s an excellent space for romantic couples to relax by waters and indulge in water sports. Enjoy sunbath and swimming with your beloved ones. 

    Colva Beach

                          Colva beach is a captivating destination and one of the significant places to visit in south Goa. On a trip to Goa, don’t miss Colva beach in your list. Colva beach Goa has powdery white sand flanked with swaying coconut trees. This adds beauty to the overall beach look. Colva beach in Goa is a stunning destination for honeymooners. Couples enjoy stunning shacks, entertaining nightclubs, and souvenir stalls all around. Colva beach road is a must-visit shopping site with huge number of stalls, eateries, shacks and lot more to explore. Colva beach is a popular place to visit in Goa at night. The whole beach city perks up for night parties with dazzling music and appetizing seafood. People flock in the local bars and pubs for endless entertainment. 

                            Colva beach of Goa is highly engaged with thrilling water sports like paragliding and banana boat rides. Colva beach has no specific seasons but ideal beach to watch the mesmerizing sunset. 

    Vagator Beach

                             Vagator beach in Goa is a great lookout for revitalizing beach holiday. Vagator Beach has a unique combo of soft white sands and imposing. Rocky cliffs are undoubtedly stunning for a perfect photoshoot. The beach has two parts namely little Vagator and big Vagator. Vagator Beach in Goa is popular for its myriad dining options and overall beach vibe with parties and shacks. Vagator beach road is a charming pathway to the heavenly beach ambience. The beach offers a plenty of engaging activities for its visitors. A full-day of fun, adventure and food only at the Vagator beach!! Indulge in some thrilling water sports like parasailing, Jet Ski motor rides and swimming. Dolphin sighting tour is a splendid activity in Vagator beach. 

                             Vagator beach is one of the best places to visit in Goa in 3 days trip. Honeymooners enjoy some fusion food and stunning gourmet adventures at Vagator beach resorts!!  November to March assures a lovely climate to visit Vagator beach.

    Baga Beach

                            Baga beach is a perfect destination to witness the nightlife in Goa. Baga Beach at Goa is a luxury destination for shopping and dining! Baga Beach Goa is a splendid place to sit back and enjoy the beach waves. The beach shore is spectacular with plenty of designer stores. Design experts shop for variety of trends and relax at the beach shacks. Get some wild tattoos and live out the beach day to its fullest. Baga Beach of Goa is one of the best beach destinations in North Goa. It’s a serene place for visit in Goa!! 

                             Shop for your loved one at affordable cost from the street-side markets!! Go for a wide range of water sports; enjoy luxurious spa, sun decks and some legendary shacks. Refresh your mind with some morning yoga, relish on having a nutritious and mouth-watering Goan cuisine.  Enjoy a perfect honeymoon holiday at Baga beach from October through March!!

    Betul Beach

                             A magnificent beach of south Goa located to the south of Mobor beach. Betul beach has a beautiful landscape view with rich greenery and clean pristine water. The beach looks beautiful with silvery sands, surrounding fruit trees and swaying palm trees. Visitors sit back and enjoy their peaceful day at the shades of these trees. Get the mesmerizing view of Western Ghats as it’s the backdrop of Betul beach south Goa!! Couples get some tasty food from popular Goan cuisine!! Have an energizing couple meal amidst of the beautiful romantic ambience. Betul beach in Goa is a well-known honeymoon spot in Goa. Enjoy the friendly nature and hospitality of the villagers. It’s a serene destination and unique places to visit in South Goa. 

                           Betul resorts are splendid with amazing beachfront rooms and luxury amenities. Get ready to indulge in the most adventurous water sports. Enjoy a cool sunbath with your family or loved ones. Monsoons are the preferred time to visit Betul beach Goa!! 

    Arambol Beach

                            Arambol beach is a beautiful beach destination among stunning beaches in North Goa. It’s a spectacular beach unexplored by tourists, hence the beach remains clean and clear for a picnic day out. Arambol beach in Goa is a spectacular spot for morning yoga and other wellness programs. Arambol beach Goa is a perfect weekend getaway with market at sunset, drum circle, mystical baba on top of hillock, stroll around the Kitschy market lanes and jump off from the cliff to paraglide. There is something special for every soul in Arambol beach. The beach is popular for it sweet water lagoon or cute little lake adjacent to the sea. The lake sand is well-known for its healing properties and people can swim in the shallow waters. 

                            Arambol beach resorts are popular accommodation spots with luxury room stay and other facilities. Arambol beach hotels are well-known for its delicious dining experience!! It’s a unique places to visit in Goa at night!!

    Morjim Beach

                              Morjim beach is located around 12kms distance from Morjim and accessible via Duler-marna –siolim road. It’s a tranquil beach in North Goa and serves as a nesting habitat for Olive ridley turtles. Morjim beach in Goa is also called as turtle beach. Nesting season begins in September and lasts till March. It’s a major turtle nesting beach in North Goa. Morjim beach Goa is best-visited during these months and we could see a huge population of tourists to witness the turtle nesting season. Morjim beach is a protected area where beach parties and shacks are banned!! Morjim beach is a Little Russia, because number of Russians visit this place and stay here for more than a month. The area is full of Russian signboards and Russian style shops! 

                              Morjim beach resorts are specially designed for beachfront views and great accommodation spot during the crowded turtle nesting season. Morjim beach hotels are well-known for Goan and Russian cuisine. 

    Cavelossim Beach

                               Cavelossim beach in Goa is a splendid destination for beach lovers. It’s considered as one of the best beaches in Goa with white sandy shores and quite long stretch of clear blue waters. Cavelossim beach is a cleaner spot for travellers who would like to longue around sands!! Enjoy the perfect vibe of great relaxation and charming city at Cavelossim beach Goa. There are plenty of engaging activities for visitors including sunbath, swimming, and dolphin spotting. It’s a perfect holiday spot with exciting water sports like jet skiing, wind surfing, banan boat rides, parasailing and speed boat ride. Relax from the daily routine and indulge in the wonderful activities. Cavelossim beach is one of the best places to visit in Goa at night. 

                               Cavelossim beach resorts assure ultimate beach vacation experience with comfortable stay amidst of beach paradise. Get delicious local dining experience at the popular Cavelossim beach hotels. Enjoy a relaxed weekend with your family and friends!! 

    Patnem Beach

                               Patnem beach is a popular place to visit in South Goa!! The beach has popular counterparts Palolem and Agonda. Patem beach Goa is around 39kms distance from Madgaon and easily accessible via road. It’s a tranquil beach with lazy atmosphere without much upbeat as North Goa beaches. Patnem beach huts are lined along the beach shore and it’s a splendid place to relax and view the high-waves. Don’t forget to stay in these cute little huts and enrol yourself in several fitness programs like yoga retreats and other programs. Patnem beach hotels are well-known for seafood delicacies and traditional Goan food. The beach is a perfect weekend getaway with hut stay, good delicious food and lot of other engaging activities. Patnem beach water sports are rare, but beach waters are quite safe for swimming. 

                               September to March is the best time to visit Patnem beach!! Enjoy the magnificent view of sunset and relax at the beach shores. 

    Querim Beach

                              Querium Beach in Goa is place for calm and cool enjoyment rather than vibrant parties. Querium beach is located to the northern tip of Goa next to ancient Ajoba temple. The beach looks cool with golden-glittering sands and lies at the mouth of Terekhol River. Terekhol fort is a popular attraction next to Querium beach and it’s accessed via ferry ride from the beach itself. Querium beach Goa has a handful of beach shacks and local cuisines compared to other popular beaches. Explore the wide range of traditional Goan cuisine that include fish fry, Sorpotel , Vindaloo and lot more. Querium beach Goa hotels are excellent with its natural charm. It’s an important fishing village and one of the best places to visit in Goa!!

                              Querium Beach accommodation is considerably less, but there are few options for backpackers and luxury lovers. There are plenty of lodging options in the neighbouring Arambol beach!! 

    Betalbatim Beach

                               Betalbatim beach is a popular place to visit in South Goa!! Betalbatim beach is a quieter destination without much hustle-bustle of the city. The beach is a beautiful stretch of 1km golden sand between the popular Colva beach and Majorda beach. Betalbatim beach Goa is a popular beach choice among Indian tourists. The beach shore is lined up with plenty of fast food chains, spas and local cuisine. The whole sandy white beach is safe for swimming!! Betalbatim beach at night visit is magnificent to view the sunset hours and indulge in great shopping. Dolphin spotting is a major activity in this beach, where local fishermen take you on tour to have a glimpse of these friendly animals. Visitors could enjoy the Betalbatim beach glow at night when the bioluminescent planktons light up the beach waters. 

    Betalbatim beach resorts provide decent accommodation and easy access to the beach shores. November and February are the best months to visit Betalbatim beach!! 

    Bambolim Beach

                                Bambolim Beach is an unexplored site in Goa!! It’s located around 7kms from the capital city. Bambolim beach Goa is a virgin spot untouched by growing tourist infrastructure and less-crowded. It’s the right choice for people who look for unexplored beaches. It’s a calm destination to travel along and good choice for offbeat travellers. Bambolim beach resorts provide excellent beachfront views and prove to be the luxury paradise in Goa. Enjoy a picnic day at the glittering golden sands!! The coastline is long-enough to go for a lengthy stroll with your loved one. Bambolim beach resorts in Goa proves to be the best accommodation spot with top-rated reviews among travellers. Bambolim is a fishing village and so, enjoy the routine life of fishermen!! Get your friends and enjoy playing football, volleyball or Frisbee in the beach shores. 

    October to March is the best time to visit Bambolim beach!! Weather stays pleasant and safe to indulge in sea waters. 

    Ashwem Beach

                                 Ashwem beach is a beautiful beach to relive in the old charm of Goa city. Ashwem beach Goa is a hidden gem with lot of stunning sceneries compared to other Goan beaches. It’s a less crowded beach destination of North Goa with long sandy shores and calm waves. This attracts tourists from all over the world. The long coastline is a magnificent view with swaying palm and coconut trees with the magical touch of nature. Get engaged in beach yoga and other fitness programs. Ashwem beach nightlife is fantabulous with great music and dining experience. Ashwem beach hotels are splendid with luxury accommodation and beach front room space. It’s considered as a popular places to visit in North Goa!! 

    Ashwem beach resort is a popular beach front resort with easy access to beach and neighbouring attractions. Enjoy the perfect mix of scenic beauty and calm sea!!Ashwem beach is a superb place to visit in Goa at night!!

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