Top 7 Places to Visit in Kerala during Summer Season

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  • Top 7 Places to Visit in Kerala during Summer Season

    With a long stretch of coastline, serene backwaters, mist-covered hills, sprawling tea plantations, exotic wildlife, and many other wonderful things, Kerala never fails to impress any traveler. Unlike many other places in India, Kerala can be visited all year round. Even though there is no uniform climate in Kerala, each season creates a distinct ambiance in this green paradise. Kerala is an incredible and entrancing destination to visit in the summer season.

    With a pleasant climate all year round, Kerala is a great place to spend the summer holiday. The temperature begins to rise at the end of February, and this marks the beginning of the summer in Kerala. While its neighboring states are sometimes tormented by scorching temperatures in the middle of this season, Kerala experiences a pleasant climate. This is due to the presence of the Western Ghats, which prevents dry winds from the northern states from entering the state and the Arabian Sea, which produces a cool breeze. There are also infrequent rainfalls in the state that bring temperatures down and then during the summer season. Read on to learn more about some of the best places to visit in Kerala during the summer season.


    Munnar is the most famous tourist destination in Kerala and one of the best places to visit in Kerala during summer. Curbed in the most mesmerizing greenery, Munnar is one of the largest tea growing regions in South India. The tea gardens that adorn this remarkable locale give this spot a dreamlike look, straight out of the sky. The hazy surroundings, nature trails, captivating waterfalls, enthralling wildlife, and winding routes are creating a mood that is hard to overlook. Munnar is the preferred destination in most Kerala tour packages.

    Munnar was once a summer retreat for the British during the colonial era. Munnar remains pleasant during the summers, but the temperature can rise to 30 degrees during the day. During this time, the region experiences comparatively less humidity and rainfall, which is why it is enjoyable to travel around without many challenges. Tourists can go hiking in the Western Ghats and spend a good time exploring the hills. With abundant natural beauty and a wide range of things to do, Munnar is certainly a mind-blowing traveler's dream.


    Stunningly scenic, Wayanad is often referred to as a gem in the crown of Kerala, with its incredibly beautiful subtropical Savannah, emerald green forests, charming hill stations, dense woodlands, rich biodiversity, and fascinating social heritage. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty in full effect, Summer is arguably the best time to get to know the place and the beauty of the region, since there would be no restrictions due to the heavy rains. The beautiful valleys, stunning views, aroma of coffee and tea plantations, and the Kerala delicacies make it a great place to spend your holidays. If you are planning a quick getaway in Kerala during the winter months between March and May, Wayanad is a good choice.


    With the spectacular network of lakes, lagoons, and waterways speckled with gorgeous houseboats, Alleppey is home to the most beautiful and pleasant backwaters in Kerala. The shining golden-toned backwaters, the reflection of coconut trees, lush green paddy fields, peaceful village culture, and the opulent houseboats made this place one of the best in Kerala. A Kerala tour package itinerary is incomplete without a houseboat cruise in Alleppey.

    If you are looking for a family holiday, the Alleppey houseboats are a great option for you. Usually, the prices of some of the most luxurious houseboats in Alleppey are quite high during the winter. But when you visit Kerala and book a houseboat in the summer months, you can save a great deal of money because the summer season is regarded as the official off-season in Kerala. While planning a trip with your family, you are likely to have to take care of the budget factor as well. The houseboats in Alleppey could be the ideal choice for you and your family during the summer season.


    Vagamon is a cozy offbeat hill station in Kerala with a comfortable climate all year round. This stunning touristic destination has winding rivers and lush green hills surrounding it. Balmy weather and cool breezes begin to dominate the climate of Vagamon from the beginning of March to the end of May. Owing to the pleasant sunshine in the clear skies and the gentle aroma of tea leaves that fill the nose, the summer season is a great choice for travelers wanting to visit this emerald gem of Kerala. The highest temperatures of the year are recorded this month. The temperature in Vagamon during the summer season varies between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. Vagamon is the most underrated destination on the itinerary of most of the Kerala tour packages.


    Home to a few breathtaking regions, Bekal is an alluring destination located in the northern part of Kerala. It has a unique blend of forts, beaches, and backwaters. Acknowledged for its customary Kerala cordiality to its visitors, Bekal makes them astonishing forts, sanctuaries, and shorelines, and its astonishing mood around the place is simply stunning. With its long beaches, elegant estuaries, swaying palm trees, and enchanting backwaters, Bekal's natural beauty has enticed a lot of tourists and travelers these days and is set to become a popular tourist destination. A trip to Bekal can make you feel much better and visit the beaches, enjoy the sun and the sand, and discover the flora and fauna. Bekal is an offbeat destination for Kerala tour packages.


    Thekkady is one of those destinations that tourists should not miss while visiting Kerala, especially during the summer season. Home to the esteemed Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady is the most amazing and exciting travel destination in Kerala. Periyar Lake and National Park are some of the most remarkable places to visit in Kerala during the summer season for nature lovers, untamed life admirers, trekkers, and even honeymoons and families with children. There are dozens of surprises in Thekkady around every corner.


    Kumarakom is an outlandish archipelago on Lake Vembanad, in the backwaters of Kerala. Showcasing its few small islands scattered with lush greenery, mind-blowing landscape, and rich fauna, Kumarakom is an excellent backwater destination in Kerala. The summer season witnesses a decrease in tourists to Kumarakom, and this is a wonderful time to get a good deal on hotel stays. Since Kumarakom is not usually crowded during this time, the summer season is the ideal time to explore the city peacefully at your own pace.

    Summers is the most boring time of the year, and it's also the time when the sun starts taking a toll on our body and mind. If you are planning a holiday trip during the summer season, Seasonz India Holidays would like to suggest that you spend your special summer holidays in Kerala. You may not be able to find snowfall and snow-covered peaks here, however, there are several places and hill stations in this state that will help you to beat the heat. The serene beaches of Kerala and the tranquility that you will find in the Western Ghats will relieve all your exhaustion and tension.

    Our Kerala trip packages and Kerala honeymoon packages are the outcomes of continuous efforts and study by our diligent tour consultants. We offer everything, keeping your budget in mind whether it is accommodation, food, local dishes, leisure time, or sightseeing tours. Our tailor-made itineraries can accommodate you in rooms, offering breathtaking views of natural bounties or sea views. The tranquil ambiance, lush valleys, spice gardens, and coffee plantations in Munnar will definitely win your body and spirit. With a delightful climate throughout the year, Kerala is a great place to spend the summer season. 

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