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  • Jatayu Nature Park

    Jatayu Nature Park

    Jatayu Nature Park, also known as Jadayu Earth Center or Jatayu Rock, is a major tourist attraction at the Kollam district of Kerala. It hosts the largest bird sculpture in the world and is situated in Jatayupara, near Chadayamangalam town. It has the statue of Jatayu, as the name implies.

    The Jadayu Nature park expands over 65 acres of land. The bird sculpture is built on a terrific rock called Jadayupara. The sculpture has a length of 200 feet, a width of 150 feet, and a width of 70 feet.

    Jatayu is a mythical bird that tried to rescue Sita from Ravana. He has an important contribution to the legendary epic Ramayana and is respected throughout the country. Jatayu is also known as a noble bird of divine origin. Jadayu is said to have fought heroically against Ravana and have fallen on these rock formations with severely wounded.

    After his dramatic fall, when Rama and Lakshmana came to the dying Jadayu in search of Sita, he told the brothers about the battle between him and Ravana, after which the Asura King went even further south. The gigantic sculpture was built on the exact spot where Jadayu is believed to have fallen after his fight between Ravana.

    The sculpture symbolizes the protection and support of women and was designed and sculpted by the famous film maker and sculptor, Rajiv Anchal. The jadayu Nature Park project has been launched with the intention of promoting mythology, adventure, and wellness tourism. This rock theme park will be a delight for the eyes as well as a sense of wonder for the visitors.

    The Jatayu Adventure Center is a remarkable blend of art, mythology, technology, culture, heritage, adventure, leisure, and wellness. The virtual reality museum and the cinematic magic that enhances the story of Jatayu contributes to the magic of the destination. The museum will show a glimpse of Ramayana also. You can also enjoy the panoramic view from 1,000 ft above sea level, from inside the sculpture.

    The beak mark of Jatayu and the footprint of Rama are retained here. This is the thing that makes it unadulterated and mitigated. This nature park is the largest adventure park in the natural landscape. The recreation center isn't just substantial yet additionally brave. The jadayu nature park is not only spiritual in nature, but it is also adventurous. It's got an adventure region and about 20 games. The place is a powerful bundle of devotion, dedication, and excitement.

    It has an adventure zone and about 20 recreations. There are plenty of entertainment options available here, such as trekking, valley-crossing, paintball, zip line, bouldering, archery, rappelling, wall climbing, etc. It's the ideal weekend getaway for all the adventure lovers. You can indulge in adventurous games in the backdrop of the spectacular scenery of nature. Let the adrenaline rush through your body by taking part in adventurous activities such as the vertical ladder, commando nets, Burma bridges, log walk, or chimney climbing.

    The climbing tasks are organized around the natural rock formations on the hillside. Discover the multi-cuisine food court where you can enjoy the food with a wonderful view. Another significant attractiveness of the park is the cable car facility.

    Besides all these amazing experiences, the place also provides for Ayurvedic treatment, camping, trekking, live cooking and much more to make your trip absolutely stunning. The park has also initiated projects such as renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, medicinal plant gardens which aim is to provide sufficient employment opportunities and support to the local communities.

    There are two ways to get to the sculpture- one is by the overhead ropeway, which usually takes almost a kilometer and it will also offer you an aerial view of the place. The ropeway or cable car is said to be one of the best in the country and it has state-of-the-art facilities in it. The alternative way to reach the gigantic structure is to climb up the hillock with the help of a stairway. Visit the Jatayu Nature Park for a remarkable experience that no other touristic destination in Kerala can offer!

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