A Mesmerizing Train Journey From Shornur To Nilambur

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  • A Mesmerizing Train Journey From Shornur To Nilambur

    Nilambur, popularly known as the 'Land of Teak Plantation,' is a scenic town in the Malappuram district of Kerala. Nestled on the banks of the Chaliyar River and situated near to the Western Ghats, Nilambur is an amalgamation of raw nature, a peculiar culture, elegant art forms, and the reflections of colonial rule. Numerous illustrations of wildlife combined with the righteous mixture of royal remnants make Nilambur the perfect place for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and leisure travelers. 

    Endowed with vibrant shades of natural features, the region is packed with exotic wildlife and displays fascinating illustrations of the past through several royal residences. Nilambur, which is surrounded under vast stretches of the dense forest, has several kinds of wood mushrooming around other than teak. Mahogany, rosewood and Venteak are the few other categories of wood that grow in the region. Comfortable climate is another main feature that makes this town the great getaway for all kinds of tourists.

    Nilambur boasts of colonial influence, endorsed by vast expanses of rain forests, gushing waterfalls, royal mansions and ancient tribal colonies. There are plenty of sightseeing possibilities in and around Nilambur, including the Teak Museum, Conolly's Plot, Vellamthode Falls and Adyanpara Falls. The Temple of Kovilakam attracted a large number of devotees every year. If you're an adventure-seeker who likes to go on forest trails, pack your bags and head right to Nilambur. Situated 4 kilometres from the Nilambur town, the Teak Museum is a remarkable collection of information on the scientific, aesthetic and historical relevance of this tree. Wildlife enthusiasts and botanists should definitely add this to their Kerala tour package itinerary. 

    Train journey from Nilambur to Shornur is a lifetime experience that covers some of the most scenic train routes. The 66 kilometres expanded train line will take approximately 2 hours to complete. A stunning and unforgettable train journey  will engrave your memory with all the greenery, fresh air and occasional rainfall. This is part of the Southern Railway's Palakkad Division, one of the shortest wide-gauge rail routes in Kerala. And it is undoubtedly one of the must-see rail travel routes in India. It is one of the most unique things to do in a Kerala tour package

    The monsoon season and the winter season are a great time to explore the serenity of the Nilambur-Shoranur rail route. Tourists travel to Nilambur not only to explore its colonial heritage, royal residences, wildlife and thick vegetation, but also to enjoy a mesmerizing train journey. A journey through the oldest Teak Forest in the world is a wonderful experience. The Chaliyar River and Kurinji Puzha are two rivers that safeguards this forested area. This cosy verdant town is less than 200 km away from Kochi. Throughout the five hours of a wonderful journey, travelers enter a fully greener environment. Trek and adventurous forest tours can be organised with prior permission from the forest department.

    Main attraction of Nilambur 

    • Inside the Bio Resources Natural Park Campus, visitors can visit the Teak Museum.

    • At Vadapuram near Conolly Plot, people can witness the oldest teak in the world. 

    • Chaliyar Forest Guest House is the perfect location for a wide angle view of the entire town. A 25 kilometres journey into the Nilambur Forest takes a traveler to a place called Nedumkayam. 

    • From there within 5 km, Maancheri contains Chola Naikar, an ethnic group left over by the ancient hunter-gatherer society of India. 

    • A significant number of bird species such as the Malabar Great Hornbill, animals such as elephants, deers, porcupines and wild boars reside in this area. 

    • Ooty is just 90 km away from this place   

    • There are four rivers, many other streams that are cascaded along this evergreen route. The railway route crosses Kunthipuzha between Kulukkallur and Cherukara. Vellar River, the main tributary of Kadalundi, crosses between Pattikkad and Melattur. Olippuzha, another tributary of Kadalundi, crosses between the stations of Melattur and Tuuvvur and Kuthirappuzha, a tributary of Chaliyar, between Vaniyambalam and Nilambur

    • Besides these four major rivers, many other streams flow parallel to the railway line, especially during the monsoon season. 

    The 10 small Eco-friendly railway stations between the Shornur-Nilambur route are absolutely charismatic and each of them is covered by shady trees. Waiting for railway stations when it rains is a chance to romance with nature. Angadippuram is the main station on this route. Massive trees are extending their branches to cover the platform and the track. When the trains stop at the station, it's best to get out there and encounter the intensity of the rains.

     The view of the waterfalls of the rivers from the rain window during a heavy rain is a gorgeous sight. The journey offers the opportunity to see vast green paddy fields, bird species, peacocks, plantain cultivation. Besides, it also provides the view of the village life in its true colors and allure.

    A pleasant route that fills a traveler's mind with images of teak trees, dense forests and stunningly gorgeous railway stations. From  small streams, waterfalls, to the rivers, the route is full of golden memories to cherish forever. Besides these, the paddy fields and other agricultural fields full of peacocks offer a wondrous sight, while the Giant trees romance with each other, providing a natural ceiling for the train.

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    Kerala has now opened all the tourist destinations for visitors after a 6-month lockdown due to a global coronavirus outbreak. The government has implemented several guidelines for tourist visiting Kerala

    COVID-19 guidelines while travelling

    • All travelers must register in the COVID jagratha portal before entering Kerala

    • Travelers planning to travel to Kerala for less than 7 days are excluded from producing a COVID negative certificate

    • Travelers planning to stay in Kerala for more than 7 days should carry a COVID negative certificate or undergo a COVID test upon entering Kerala

    • All people should wear a face mask, use hand sanitizers and maintain a social distance of 2 metres.

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