Adventure on the trails of hill stations at Kerala

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  • Nature spread out in Kerala has always been a factor that had invited tourists in the state. A walk along the trekking trails viewing the beauty of the Western Ghats is a major goal in the checklist of any passionate trekker and a real escape from the city lifestyle that people have been leading in this era is mandatory when the peace of mind is a major need. The sights that sooth the eyes are those that are synced in within the nature of Kerala. When explored with the people with the spirit of trekking, the journey to the hill station turns out to be the best. There are a number of hill station in Kerala that offers the travel junkies with a chance to trek at the cheapest possible price at the destination. The people who reside in the cities like Bangalore and Coimbatore can make a budgeted journey on a Kerala tour package to enjoy the stride along the hills. Out of all the hill stations, three major places that challenge the trekkers to climb up to the peak point, which has been provided as below.
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