Enjoy a Honeymoon Trip to Kerala on Valentine's Day

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  • 21-01-2021
  • Enjoy a Honeymoon Trip to Kerala on Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day is the day of love and trust, and most romantic couples thrive to ditch everything and escape to ignite the flame of love. There's no better way to connect with your partner than to travel to some of the most romantic places. Be it a voyage of discovery or just a comfortable stay in a hotel or resort with an amazing view accompanied by total silence, a romantic honeymoon trip on valentine's day is a perfect activity for couples. Celebrate love and travel at one of those romantic destinations in Kerala that truly bring beauty and serenity. Valentine's day, the most romantic day of the year is the best time to enjoy a honeymoon trip.

    Even though India is blessed with several romantic places, Kerala has something else that enhances the vibes of love. Kerala is undoubtedly a paradise for lovers where you can enjoy the heavenly beauty of nature. Kerala Honeymoon Trip is certainly all that you can ask for from a lifetime experience. We have sorted out some of the best things to do in Kerala for honeymoon couples on Valentine's Day.

    Honeymoon in a hill station

    A hill station offers not only an aesthetically appealing landscape but also the serenity and peace that everyone desires. The emerald lakes, colossal mountains, pine trees, complete silence, lush green tea gardens, cool climate, and the amazing scenery of Kerala will make you fall in love with each other again and again. Let your love flourish during an unforgettable honeymoon trip to the gorgeous and serene hill stations of Kerala, such as Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, Vagamon, and so on. 

    Explore the lush green landscape while holding hands, enjoy the mesmerizing sunsets and sunrise, explore the verdant tea plantations, and admire the romantic weather as the hill stations in Kerala offer a pleasant atmosphere for a memorable and romantic honeymoon trip. Enjoy world-class comfort and impeccable hospitality while staying at luxury properties amidst mist-covered mountains and dense forest. Participate in adventure activities together and feel the high adrenaline rush. Valentine's Day is the perfect day to enjoy a honeymoon trip in the hill stations of Kerala.

    Stroll around the exotic beaches

    With one of the longest coastlines, Kerala has several gorgeous beaches. Which makes it one of the best places to visit on a honeymoon trip. Kerala Beaches is the ideal spot to have fun with your partner and have memorable moments. Kerala beaches with golden sandy beaches, azure blue waters, a wide range of luxury resorts, vibrant ambiance, water sports activities, cliffs, lighthouses, and lush tropical landscapes are simply awe-inspiring for every traveler. Bask in the sun, enjoy the romantic sunsets, walks on the shores holding hands with your partner, and candlelit dinner with waves for company, Kerala beach destination offers ample opportunities for couples.

    Romantic houseboat cruise

    Enchanting yet pleasant, Kerala's backwater creates a perfect sight to spend a relaxing honeymoon. If you want to enjoy this amazing ride on your honeymoon, then opting for a Kerala honeymoon package is just the best decision. Backwaters in Kerala is one of the most romantic destinations for couples or lovers. 

    One of the greatest features of a houseboat cruise is that it is just you, your loved one, and nature. There's no hustle and bustle of roads and crowds of people, just swaying coconut trees, golden paddy fields, tiny hamlets, and water trickling by. Find the perfect backwater spot in Kerala to begin your houseboat journey and claim it as your own for the next day or your entire stay. Make sure you include a houseboat cruise on Valentine's Day to satisfy your honeymoon trip in Kerala. It is one of the best activities to do in Kerala honeymoon packages.

    Pleasant winter morning

    The Winter season is one of the best times to visit Kerala for all travelers. And there are a lot of places to visit in Kerala during the winter season to see its true beauty. Winter morning is one of the most entrancing moments in Kerala. The morning sun rays that pierce through the white mist are a spectacle to behold and to give both of you a lot of enjoyment. The winter season in Kerala begins in November and ends in March, so Kerala will experience a cool climate in February. Sip a cup of coffee with your better half while the cool breeze and sunshine caress your face.

    Ayurvedic couple massage

    Every romantic couple wishes to go somewhere where they can unwind and relax. If you are one of these couples, Kerala is certainly a place for you. Couples can just sit back and relax for hours. The magical powers of Ayurveda in Kerala refreshes your romantic feeling. 

    Engage in an Ayurvedic couple massage on Valentine's Day which is a fantastic experience that helps to solidify your relationship on this special occasion. It can reduce stress and muscle spasms, improve blood circulation, enhance the immune system, reduce body pain, and even increase mental strength. It is one of the best things to add in a Kerala honeymoon package itinerary.

    Sunset and sunrise views

    One of the greatest picture-perfect moments of Kerala is sunset and sunrise. Honeymooners can enjoy the different shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple during sunset and sunrise, especially on the coastline of Kerala. Capture some beautiful pictures to post on your social media, or just collect them for your memories. This experience should certainly be added to your plan for Valentine's Day in Kerala.

    Savor the delectable cuisine

    Kerala cuisine is a perfect blend of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The flavor of chilies, peppers, and the mind-blowing aroma are the specialties of Kerala cuisine. Enjoying the traditional cuisine of Kerala will spice up your romantic honeymoon trip. A wide range of valentine's day special sweets will be available in Kerala.

     Kerala is going to create miracles on your romantic trip with your partner. The most needed thing for newlywed couples or lovers is to have personal space that stimulates a sense of romance, and Kerala will surely take you away from the crowd. The stunning and serene beauty of Kerala is going to make this Valentine memorable for honeymoon couples. Book your Kerala honeymoon package now for this Valentine's Day. Seasonz India Holidays offers custom made Kerala honeymoon packages that satisfy all kinds of travelers.

    Since the global coronavirus outbreak has transformed the world and our freedom of movement, we need to keep some important things in our minds and plan accordingly. So, if you're planning a honeymoon trip to Kerala, you need to stick to a few relevant points due to the prevalent COVID-19 situation.

    • The Kerala government has issued guidelines stating that there would be no quarantine for domestic tourists who would like to stay in Kerala for less than 7 days. 

    • All tourists should register in the COVID Jagratha portal before entering Kerala. 

    • Tourists must avoid traveling to Kerala if they have any symptoms of the virus infection. 

    • All tourists are required to carry hand sanitizers, face masks, and maintain a social distance of 2 meters.